Create a Focal Point Using Wall Mirrors

Wall Mirror

Mirrors are no longer solely used for vanity purposes and have moved out of the bathrooms and bedrooms of the world to become essential décor pieces throughout residential and commercial spaces. Today they are offered in every shape, size and style imaginable adding elegance and drama to any setting.

Their addition to any space automatically makes the room seem larger, brighter and more interesting. People are attracted by light and movement, mirrors capture both. Below are some tips and suggestions when designing with mirrors.

A mirror can create a focal point for a room’s design, that helps anchor all of the other decorative elements in the room. Traditionally one large mirror has been used. In these cases one must make sure that the style and shape compliments and does not over power the entire area. The trend today however is to use multiple mirrors of different shapes and sizes together to create a more eclectic look.

Lack of adequate lighting is a common problem; dark unused corners can be a challenge to design around. Adding a mirror to these areas not only expand the feel of the space but also bring in much needed light. In small tight rooms such as a bedroom, prop up a large oversized mirror against the wall this will give the illusion of additional square footage. Make sure the mirror is at least ¾ as tall as the wall to obtain the best effect.

Another option to add light and space to a room is to position the mirror so it reflects a window. Suddenly the room seems to have more windows and becomes lighter and airier reflecting the light from outside. Positioning a mirror strategically opposite a doorway or door will also add depth to a room.

Hanging two mirrors at either end of a short hallway will make it feel longer. Do not however hang a mirror on a side wall of a short hallway, it will have the opposite effect and make the area look tight and cramped.

Position a mirror directly opposite an architectural feature such as a living room fireplace or built in bookcase. It will enhance what is being reflected.

In the summer when fireplaces are not in use a mirror can be propped up in the hearth with pillar candles of all shapes and sizes arranged in front of it. Creating a dramatic effect for those warm summer evenings.

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